Tuesday, January 25, 2005

I have my own greenhouse

I have had my own greenhouse for 20 years and how lucky am I. On a cold Canadian a.m. -27 degrees Celcius, I am able to look outside at the winter weather and enjoy last summer's geraniums and begonias inside and I never cease to be amazed. In February and March, I can start gardening by planting seeds in tiny pots and take geranium cuttings. On a sunny day, the warmth reaches my bones as I dig in my garbage can full of potting soil and plant a rooted ivy or separate a painted leaf begonia.
My greenhouse is a Lord and Burnham model - attached to the back of my house - heated by the house furnace in winter - by leaving the back door and kitchen and basement windows open. I have two large slatted tables under the front windows with shelves underneath to hold my many plants.
Next posting I will describe some of my plants.


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