Thursday, June 29, 2017

So much rain!

So much rain this spring and now it is raining into summer....can't do a lot of gardening due to the wetness of everything...things are growing well, but I notice lots of bug biting going on in various plants....I heard 2017 is a bad year for bugs and is easy to weed when the ground is soft but I hate the wet so will wait on weeding.
I have been throwing out plants from my greenhouse into the compost tired of some of them so I picked out the sicky looking ones and pitched them....plants that are left are doing fantastic in the greenhouse...they love the sun when it arrives.
Tomato plants are doing well....I planted onions as well, and the herbs always do well unless a critter runs through the garden and breaks things oregano and gaillardia plants....

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter Sunday 2017

Beautiful Easter Sunday....warm...up to 20 degrees after our visitors left, we put up the greenhouse plants will do better now...the sun was starting to scorch some leaves and the plants were drying out faster that it is shady I will try to do some cleanup and throw out some dead plants.......

Monday, August 22, 2016

Finally - a breath of cool air

Oh my gosh...thank God for the lovely cool for the rain yesterday!  I am so thankful and so is my flower cosmos stems have strengthened because of the couple of rainfalls recently and are producing beautiful blooms....this is the first summer  I have grown seashell cosmos and they are doing well...I have been deadheading them since the start....the grass is turning green and actually growing now...we have had a record breaking hot, hot, hot summer and I am ready for a lovely cool fall and winter...after all, being Canadian, means we have some ice in our bloodstream and mine totally melted out this summer....sorry to all the people who like the hot is yours....I'll take the cool days anytime.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

First tomatoes 2016

I have picked four tomatoes so far and they are so delicious...not big but with powerful taste...I have been buying Ontario produce at Farm Boy and it is yummy....but....there is nothing like your own garden produce..

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Heat Wave Now

We are having a little heat wave ...the day starts out cooler but progresses to almost 30 degrees Celsius...I do not hang out in my greenhouse when it is that temperature and I have to water my greenhouse plants daily...they love lots of water...fortunately, a lot of my greenhouse plants are succulents, but they droop a little in the heat we do.....Canadians love to complain about the!
This is my gorgeous pink geranium that lived in my greenhouse last winter but loves the patio now.

Clearing some of the garden

It seems early to be clearing plants from the garden but last night I pulled out some dill-covered with little orange bugs that nest in the dill flowers which makes it uneatable....I tried just knocking them off but they came back with a vengeance.  The poppies are finished flowering so they will be going into the compost heap at Lappan's Lane in the not too distant future.
I have been weeding my garden this past week and it is looking much better...the herbs and flowers have more room to grow now.  I planted old fashioned four o'clocks and can't wait for them to bloom.  My dahliah is progressing well and the Rose of Sharon has buds now.
Tomato plants are slow growing but do have little tomatoes on them.
Love Gardening.....

Sunday, July 10, 2016


Robins nested in our tree this year and when gardening the mother robin was so angry with me for being under the tree where her babes were.......
I tried to tell her that she was lucky to enjoy birthing in my tree but she just swooped down and tried to bomb me......Robins are Hilarious!

Getting back to blogging in July 2016 has been a crazy year for myself and my family...could not begin to describe will proceed into July 2016 and talk about my greenhouse and greenhouse is doing great ....not much going on in there except for repotting new aloe vera plants and aloe juvena plants...all the geraniums are thriving on the patio in pots and the cosmos seeds that I started in the greenhouse in March are gently waving in my garden and producing blooms....the cosmos  I am growing this year are called Seashell cosmos....they are not as tall as the old fashioned cosmos and colours are pink and are just starting to bloom so I still hope for white flowers.....In my herb garden in front of the greenhouse, I have planted two tomato plants and they are now forming tomatoes...can't wait to taste them....all in all, I am pleased with my garden this summer.....

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Day after Earth Day 2015

Well....just saw on Global TV Toronto that Earth Day participants in Toronto were only 6% as compared to 10% last year....guess folks could not tear themselves away from their electronic devices or leave the hockey game for one hour.....hope they will look around and decide how they can be kinder to the earth and the future of their children....they could start by not causing and creating so much wastefulness.....and that would be in any department of their life......kcups could be a start...take your paring knife...clean off the foil on top of the kcup after you have your coffee....scoop the grinds into your compost pail...rinse out the cup and put in recycle blue box....that is what I do and it only takes a couple of minutes to do.   I noticed that some kcups have an interior plastic basket and cloth like filter....I try not to buy them as they take extra time to clean and I don't think the cloth like filter would be compostable....when buying kcups at Coffeetrends store or Personal choice store, I squeeze the bottom of the kcups and if it is hard, I don't purchase that kind of coffee.  I also have a list of the companies that package the kcups like that.......after a while, you remember what is what.
A tip from greenhouse gal for you......