Tuesday, October 01, 2013

End of gardening
The garden is empty for this year and next year, we will not plant a veggie garden...it will become a lovely lawn.....I will still have my flower beds....that will help my back improve, I am sure...
Today, we took a load of garden waste to Lappan's Lane.....the garage is empty now..it was getting hard to walk through the garage as I filled so many bags......just have a bit more gardening to do...mostly weeding....

Not having a veggie garden will give me more time for my greenhouse......

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Summer in my garden

It is nearly mid july and my garden is doing extremely well....I had to clean out a flower bed already...it was full of beautiful poppies that didn't bloom too long, so I yanked them out only to discover that my heritage irises were starting to rot....poppies are gone now....irises are cut back and looking better....I spent two days on this job.....we were fortunate to have some cooler days last week....now....I have to clear out the other half of this flowerbed.....more poppies to remove!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Long time no blogging

Forgot to write in my blog....busy, I guess....
The garden is nearly planted....just a few more seeds and plants to put in ----now, that is the vegetable garden.....the other gardens are patiently waiting arrival of their annual plants....
Last night, around midnight, we had beautiful rain....it woke my husband up but I slept right through it....this morning, my garden looked so wonderful....all the lopsided plants were standing up straight....

Monday, April 08, 2013

Outdoors day

I watched the weather forecast today...rain and snow predicts for the next few days...booooo
Biked 20 minutes....walked 17 minutes....raked the lawn 80 minutes....even cleaned out the front flower bed a little...dying to buy pansies to brighten up the front garden but will hold off till after snow is gone....crazy cool spring....

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Spring 2013

So far, to date, Spring has been cold....I have been biking every day I can, sometimes twice a day, but, only for between 10 and 20 minutes at a time as it gets too cold and windy for me.
Today, I planted seeds in little pots in my greenhouse....onions, peppers, yellow tomatoes, red tomatoes, impatiens, nasturtiums.....they have been watered and hopefully they will burst thru the soil soon.   I am a little late in planting, so hope we get a lot of sunshine in the next few weeks.
I also did some tidying in the greenhouse today and washed some plants that were getting dusty.
I have lots of geraniums blooms, the orchid has nice buds now, plants are thriving.
My greenhouse makes me feel happy - specially when it is cold and windy and dark and cloudy outdoors.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

New Greenhouse Shade March 2013

We now have a beautiful new greenhouse shade....the shade filters the sunlight by 50% so the plants in the greenhouse do not get burnt by the sun....days are getting longer and the greenhouse is getting hotter.....our shade that came with our greenhouse was 28 years old and has been hanging on (literally) by a thread for the past five years or so....we take in down in winter and that is the reason it has lasted 28 years.
Hubby and I bought the shade material from Lee Valley in Ottawa last year and the greenhouse needs a shade sized 16' wide and 7 l/2' long......we had to buy 3 lots of fabric and I sewed them together....we bought UV tape that is supposed to patch greenhouse fabric and hold it together, but guess what-----it didn't work----so I sewed the first 2 panels together by hand - then by machine -  we had to bunch up the fabric and pull it through the sewing machine while I was sewing on it...I sewed and hubby pulled......when it came to putting the third panel together....I found out that duck tape will stick to the shade material, so we held it tog
The next day, we wrapped the length of the material around the metal pipe and hubby tied it on with multipurpose cable ties..pulleys were added...then we hung it up in the garage and said good-night to it.
Yesterday, we rolled the fabric onto the bottom metal pipe and used clips from Lee Valley to hold the fabric on....in future, we will replace the clips with the cable ties.  The cording was added and the shade was ready to put up on the greenhouse window.....oh happy day......it was a big job but by doing it ourselves, we saved over a thousand dollars.....will post a photo soon......
The plants are loving the filtered light and it looks really nice inside and out......

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

I am loving March 2013

This week, the weather has been so nice that Monday and Tuesday, I walked....today, I rode my bike, to the grocery store and home, to Shopper's and home, to a friend's house and home....it felt so good to ride my bike....even tho I wore winter coat, hat and gloves....I was exhilarated....have been waiting for such a long time....surprise....I didn't have to put air in my tires....they were ok!!
Today, I made raisin bread....for my sweet friend, Rose, who is recovering from flu....I phoned her yesterday, asked her if she would like a loaf and she said she would love some as she has been just having Ensure to keep her strength up.....so the bread was delivered by bicycle this afternoon.
I made a different potato recipe today.....slice potatoes and stand them in a pan-grease the pan with 1 tblsp. olive oil....in between the slices add some chopped green onions....brush the tops of the potatoes with another tblsp. olive oil....sprinkle with a little salt and pepper....bake for about 45 mins. in 350 deg. Fahr. oven....turn oven down to 300 deg. Fahr....sprinkle potatoes with dried or fresh thyme...bake another 20-30 mins.  till crispy....they were deliciouis with ground chicken patties and cooked carrots.
I also had a chance to do a little cleanup in my greenhouse today....I think I have a vining beetle eating a couple of my plants....saw some chomps out of the leaves...will have to go out with my flashlight tonight and look for them......they come out at night  and bury themselves in the soil or under the pots in the daytime....boo on those buggies...
Moved all my African violets into the greenhouse....will see how they do out there...they all need repotting.
March is marching on... and not so depressing....this weekend the time changes and we will have a longer day.
Tomorrow, we will tackle our greenhouse shade...replacing the fabric after nearly 30 years of wear....