Sunday, March 29, 2015

Day after Earth Day 2015

Well....just saw on Global TV Toronto that Earth Day participants in Toronto were only 6% as compared to 10% last year....guess folks could not tear themselves away from their electronic devices or leave the hockey game for one hour.....hope they will look around and decide how they can be kinder to the earth and the future of their children....they could start by not causing and creating so much wastefulness.....and that would be in any department of their life......kcups could be a start...take your paring knife...clean off the foil on top of the kcup after you have your coffee....scoop the grinds into your compost pail...rinse out the cup and put in recycle blue box....that is what I do and it only takes a couple of minutes to do.   I noticed that some kcups have an interior plastic basket and cloth like filter....I try not to buy them as they take extra time to clean and I don't think the cloth like filter would be compostable....when buying kcups at Coffeetrends store or Personal choice store, I squeeze the bottom of the kcups and if it is hard, I don't purchase that kind of coffee.  I also have a list of the companies that package the kcups like that.......after a while, you remember what is what.
A tip from greenhouse gal for you......

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Long long and longer winter -2015

Oh my has been such a long long time since I blogged about my has been a long and longer winter, it seems to me and we still have lots of icy snow in our yards and yesterday, for some reason, it snowed least, it melted and we didn't have to shovel it.
My greenhouse is lovely and warm today with the sunshine coming through the glass...plants in there are loving the heat.  I am not starting any seeds this year as I do not have a vegetable garden and decided not to have a tomato plant or two, like I did last year....will concentrate on flowers....I really want a couple of tall sunflowers to grow in my flowerbed this summer.
Well - today is Earth day - I do not participate by turning off lights and burning candles as I actually try hard to do Earth day every day of my life....I am a thrifty shopper, I don't leave lights on in the house if I don't need them....don't use a lot of electronic devices (they advise folks to turn them off during the Earth hour tonight).....I recycle everything possible....I compost all my kitchen scraps...we put out one bag of garbage once a month or every 6 weeks...we take clothing that we don't need to Value Village and our local sharing centre and we give unneeded or not used items to our Knights of Columbus annual Garage Sale in May.  I ride my bike in the nice weather-have already rode it 3 times (even tho it was freezing out).....I save on Hydro by using washer, dishwasher and dryer in off peak hours....try to use the oven for more than one thing when it is turned on....and consciously practice being kind to the earth every day....I feel very close to Mother Earth and get annoyed when I see people that abuse her kindness.
There.....I have expressed how I feel about Earth is a good idea and I think it brings some awareness annually but EVERYONE who wants to save the earth for the future should be careful and cautious every day of their lives...

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

End of gardening
The garden is empty for this year and next year, we will not plant a veggie will become a lovely lawn.....I will still have my flower beds....that will help my back improve, I am sure...
Today, we took a load of garden waste to Lappan's Lane.....the garage is empty was getting hard to walk through the garage as I filled so many bags......just have a bit more gardening to do...mostly weeding....

Not having a veggie garden will give me more time for my greenhouse......

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Summer in my garden

It is nearly mid july and my garden is doing extremely well....I had to clean out a flower bed was full of beautiful poppies that didn't bloom too long, so I yanked them out only to discover that my heritage irises were starting to rot....poppies are gone now....irises are cut back and looking better....I spent two days on this job.....we were fortunate to have some cooler days last have to clear out the other half of this flowerbed.....more poppies to remove!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Long time no blogging

Forgot to write in my blog....busy, I guess....
The garden is nearly planted....just a few more seeds and plants to put in ----now, that is the vegetable garden.....the other gardens are patiently waiting arrival of their annual plants....
Last night, around midnight, we had beautiful woke my husband up but I slept right through it....this morning, my garden looked so wonderful....all the lopsided plants were standing up straight....

Monday, April 08, 2013

Outdoors day

I watched the weather forecast today...rain and snow predicts for the next few days...booooo
Biked 20 minutes....walked 17 minutes....raked the lawn 80 minutes....even cleaned out the front flower bed a little...dying to buy pansies to brighten up the front garden but will hold off till after snow is gone....crazy cool spring....

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Spring 2013

So far, to date, Spring has been cold....I have been biking every day I can, sometimes twice a day, but, only for between 10 and 20 minutes at a time as it gets too cold and windy for me.
Today, I planted seeds in little pots in my greenhouse....onions, peppers, yellow tomatoes, red tomatoes, impatiens, nasturtiums.....they have been watered and hopefully they will burst thru the soil soon.   I am a little late in planting, so hope we get a lot of sunshine in the next few weeks.
I also did some tidying in the greenhouse today and washed some plants that were getting dusty.
I have lots of geraniums blooms, the orchid has nice buds now, plants are thriving.
My greenhouse makes me feel happy - specially when it is cold and windy and dark and cloudy outdoors.