Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Killer Greenhouse

My greenhouse is killing me---it is on large overload of plants at present---I am trying to pot and price plants for my church bazaar---I have absolutely no space---I spend most of my time trying to create little spaces for the flats of plants I am preparing. So far, I have been lucky in not seeing any bugs on my plants....other than the odd spider who is hanging around.....I will be sooooo happy when Nov. 2nd arrives and I can take the plants to the parish labels are made from old vinyl blinds that I cut in 6" or 7" pieces and write on them with black marker.....kind of much light....and the price......I begged lots of pots from friends this summer so pray I don't run out of potting soil....I can't believe what a job this is. Do I sound like I am complaining?????? Of course, I am.....but I really do love my greenhouse and I love selling my plants to help raise funds for my is just all the WORK that I am not happy about......grumble grumble grumble.......


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