Thursday, January 27, 2005

Warming up!

This afternoon, it was so sunny and warm in my greenhouse that I spent a couple of hours in my " Florida room" soaking up the sunshine and repotting some plants - mostly enjoying the sun! I removed a lot of crunchy leaves from my plants - gave them all a drink - and separated a couple of Shamrock plants - I will have seven Shamrock plants - a lucky number - so I am sure they will all grow. They had completely died down and have been dormant since November, so hope the little corms will wake up and I did explain they have six weeks before St. Patrick's day, and I'm sure they received the message.
When I walked outside to the composter, the temperature read -12 degrees C.-at 4:00 P.M., so I hurried back into the sun and heat.
The geraniums are flowering nicely and some are getting quite leggy, so they will be perfect for cuttings next month.
I also started a couple of Kalanchoe babies - the pieces were knocked off accidentally when I was inspecting the mother plant for mealy bugs - my daughter gave me the plant for Mother's Day last year and it is flowering again and has really pretty yellow clusters. Maybe the baby can be returned to her if it roots and takes off in its own little pot.
That is all the news from my greenhouse on this cold January day...brrrr!!


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