Friday, January 28, 2005

The Last Friday in January 2005

I can't believe January is ending - it has been such a cold month - and a few weeks have been depressing for me as well - but - I have my greenhouse to visit and today while it reads -12 degrees C. on the therm. outdoors, my greenhouse is a lovely 70 degrees F. I have a new pink flower on a geranium that was a gift from a friend, Judi, on our anniversary in 2003. The flower almost looks like an azalea flower. I also noticed some little green berries on an asparagus ivy that are turning red now - what would cause that? Must research it. That asparagus ivy is going to my daughter's office soon - when the weather is warmer - supposedly next week. My Streptocarpella plant is also blooming profusely - the flowers are like little violets - I also have 7 babies from the mother plant and they are starting to bloom also. Some of them will be sold at our Horti Club sale in May and some will keep growing for our church bazaar in November. They are wonderful plants as they bloom non stop - no dormancy - they need little water and like to hang down - although mine sits on the shelf and seems quite happy there. Today - I might separate my painted leaf begonia - the leaves are quite hairy so I call it Harry.

I enjoy a big basket of dried flowers - statice and strawflowers - in my living room -all grown in my garden last summer - very special as the seeds were bought at Butchart Gardens in Victoria, B.C. on our trip there in 2003. I have already bought a packet of statice seeds from Rona this year - and they are from England! I'm sure they will be amazing flowers also. I am also enjoying my beautiful pink poinsettia that I purchased at Canadian Tire Store before Christmas for $1.99.


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