Saturday, January 29, 2005

Spring is in the air!

It is warmer today -5 Deg. C. - and the air smells like Spring is coming! I didn't spend time in the greenhouse today - just checked all my new plants - and they don't have the droops yet - I have 8 baby Harry's now - hope they all take off. I even stuck some leaves in little pots and hope they grow as well. Yesterday, I took my first geranium cutting - from my appleblossom exotic geranium. I found a geranium website - - owned by Marilyn A. Holt, who has a greenhouse in Abbotsford, B.C. - it is very informative - I read a lot of info on my "Stellar" Vancouver Centennial geranium...I didn't know it was in it's own class - and cultivated in Australia. My friend, Rose, gave me a baby two years ago and she called it the Maple Leaf geranium - but I entered it in the Horti Club garden show and won a 1st prize ribbon - and the judge told me the real name. I am going to try to slip it also. Apparently, "Stellar" geraniums are not very common. Mine has flowered all winter - bright red/orange flowers. The leaf is gold with a large bronze central splotch and looks like an autumn Maple Leaf. I have it in an old bronze pot and it looks great there. I walked outside this afternoon - it was so nice that I didn't really need my earwarmers and gloves on.
Enjoyment - growing 16 geraniums in January in Canada


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