Saturday, February 05, 2005

An Ice Fog Day in Ontario

Yesterday, we had SMOG - imagine having SMOG in February - and, today we have ICEFOG
-we used to call it HOAR FROST when I was a kid - but whatever it is called - it was simply beautiful here this morning - Jack Frost was busy last night painting everything in sight. A virtual winter wonderland, backed in FOG. My daughter came to visit today and she set up my blog for me so hopefully some garden and houseplant bloggers will visit me now. I will try to be a daily blogger.
During the past week, my greenhouse thrived on neglect - it had lots of sunny days and I did manage to water the plants more, due to the heat there - I seemed to be busy every day last week - c'est la vie! My shamrocks are still looking dormant - my begonias look great so they obviously liked being separated from their mother plant. I gave one of the baby Streptocarpella plants to a new Church friend - she was delighted to receive it, and loved the violet flower. This week, Canadian Tire are advertising their seed packets for 39 cents - what a deal!
Tomorrow, my husband and I will remove the Christmas poinsettias from the altar of our Church as Ash Wednesday is Feb. 9th-we have 20 pots there and they are starting to have falling leaves so most of them will be composted - I will keep a couple in the greenhouse and plant them in the flower bed in Spring. I wish I could find homes for them but folks are poinsettia'd out now. We purchased them at Rona for $3.67 ea. at the end of November so they have served there beautiful purpose for this year. I love poinsettias and the red ones are my favorite, although I am enjoying my pink one also.
ENJOYMENT! My husband's cousin visited this p.m. and she exclaimed out loud when she looked out my kitchen window at the plants in the greenhouse - they looked extremely green with the white fog in the background. It was an unusual experience.


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