Thursday, September 22, 2005

Fall Gardening!

The garden is empty - except for the dahliahs and some irises that will be moved soon. I spent yesterday and this AM digging and pulling everything out. This PM, we went to the recyling place again to dump another trunk load of garden waste. My hubby will roto till the garden one of these days and it will be all ready for winter. It has been warm and breezy the past 2 days -perfect for working outdoors. I still have lots of pots and flowers in 3 other beds, so I am not completely without colour in the yard. I haven't touched the front bed - it is full of marigolds and looking great.
I actually worked in the greenhouse after supper - potting some cuttings of houseplants. A neighbour gave me some coleus plants that she had rooted and they have been potted.
Enjoyment - the first day of fall - I love autumn! The trees are turning colours already!


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