Tuesday, September 13, 2005

September Horti Club Stuff!!

On Sat., Sept. 10th, Collins Bay Hort Club had their first ever plant sale and we made $300+. How great is that! There was a great selection of perennials - lots of irises - herbs & houseplants (my contribution). A couple of the members picked MacIntosh apples and we bagged them and sold them. They were a hit. I went to help at 8AM - sale started at 10:30AM and I was home shortly after 12Noon. They even gave me lunch.
The leftover plants stayed in the church hall where the sale was held and a couple of members were going to sell them after weekend church services.
On Monday, Sept. 12th, the Club had the monthly meeting and the fall flower and vegetable show. I always like to participate and I wish more members would place entries. I won three 1st prizes - for - marigolds under 2" (which I grew from seed), lemon yellow strawflowers, and a floating sunflower.... 2nd prizes - for -
collection of three annuals - cosmos, lavetera and zinnia - all pink flowers, except the zinnias which were pink with peachy centres; a collection of 5 herbs; "Mike" orange marigolds - category over 2"(grown from flower head seed my brother picked in Victoria, B.C.; a mini design - "Rustic Charm" -I used a tiny clay pot filled with strawflower buds and statice; a design using an antique container-"Time Passages"- I chose an old honey pail that belonged to my dad (he had his own bees) and filled it with different coloured statice and in the centre of the arrangement I put a litte bumble bee in a little clay pot. I also received two 3rd prizes for my sweet red peppers and a floral design "Anniversary Celebration"-I used a red basket and filled it with red and white flowers - cosmos, zinnias, feverfew flowers, dahliahs, red velvet sunflowers and love lies bleeding. It looked like a Canada Day arrangement. Yesterday was extremely hot and some of the flowers were wilting a little but the judge took the weather into consideration which was nice of her.
Our guest speaker talked about houseplants - she was very informative.
We had a mini lunch - I ate a little tiny lemon tart, some veggies and dip and had a cup of tea...in that order. Our club has the best bakers - there was more goodies but I held back....I have been walking for exercise and try not to munch in the evenings.
Today, I pulled out all my carrots - they are really small and not plentiful - I had one little row. We had them for supper and they are yummy.
I am going to start to empty the garden - sad to say!
Enjoyment - winning prizes for all your garden show entries!


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