Friday, July 08, 2005

The Neglected Greenhouse

Along with neglected blogging on my part, my greenhouse is suffering. It has been so hot here recently that the plants are being quickly watered -usually both AM and PM - and then I head for the garden or the patio.
My garden is growing rapidly - I am eating lettuce, onions, swiss chard and herbs and soon my tiny tomatoes will be red. I have lots of poppies and petunias blooming now and they are lovely. The last week of June was extremely busy and I didn't get near the garden and since last weekend, I have been weeding like crazy - mostly purslane and maple seedlings and grass. Hopefully, I can control the weeding with my hoe from now on. Our total water ban has been lifted and we are allowed to water on even and odd days again - big help!!
Getting back to the greenhouse - the plants are doing okay - they don't appear to like the heat any more than most Canadians. I did purchase a red flowering maple (Abutilon) at Home Depot for $1.29 and hopefully it will love the greenhouse as it is very pretty. It needs a transplant to a bigger pot. Our Horti club is having a potluck supper on Sunday and I will get to visit a member's beautiful garden. This PM, we are having a soft rainfall - we need it!
Enjoyment - watching summer rain fall on my gardens!


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