Tuesday, June 07, 2005

My garden is planted for 2005!

It has been 2 weeks since I wrote in my blog and it has been a busy 2 weeks with lots of life stuff going on but last week, I planted my garden. I love planting seeds and save a lot over the summer, so this year I did not buy any seeds - did buy some plants instead - tiny tim tomatoes , sweet red peppers, marigolds, cornflowers (batchelor buttons) to help support ALS, strawflowers, basil and summer savory, red and white onions. My rows of flowers consist of nasturtium, calendula, cosmos, mixed annual cut flowers, sunflowers, lavetera, sweet peas, dahliahs. Vegetables are oriental salad mix, swiss chard, gourmet lettuce, carrots and onions, and the tomatoes. All the seeds are popping through except the carrots and very few nasturtiums. I did not save all the flower seeds, some packets were unopened last year. I also have some perennials as well.
We are having a very hot, dry spell now and on Sunday, June 5th, our township gave all residents a total outdoor water ban due to low reservoir levels at the water plant and major leaks in the distribution system.
Our community lives on Lake Ontario - a huge body of water - so it is strange to be on a water ban. I have been doing a little watering with my watering can and I have been praying for "holy water" from heaven.
My greenhouse is pretty empty now - I took a carload of houseplants to our Hort Club Sale on May 28th, gave Mr. Finn his 5 Christmas cactus plants (I wintered them for him) and put quite a few geraniums in my outside pots and a couple in my front flower bed. Once a year, I completely empty the greenhouse and disinfect it and clean all the glass - that time is approaching now.
I have a lot of petunias coming up in my garden from last year - what a bonus that is! I also have summer savory in my herb garden - it reseeded from last year.
My fun plant is one marigold named Mike (after my brother)- he deadheaded a marigold at the B.C.Legislation building in 2004 and gave it to me. I tried to start seedlings from the flower and one plant grew, so it is named after him and everyday, I give Mike a little drink!!
Enjoyment: Watching all my seeds pop through the ground!!


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