Friday, May 06, 2005

Garden Centres are open for business now!

This AM, I tripped around some garden centres - now it really feels like Spring - and it was actually a beautiful day with more forecast for the weekend. Canadian Tire has a fabulous centre - hanging baskets on special for $8.88 - geraniums, pansies, bacopa, fushia, and on and on.
Home Depot is looking good also - lots of mums and carnations.
The IGA in my home area is great also - I bought 2 hanging pots of daisies, one pink and one white, to use at Church this weekend for the Crowning of Mary - the ladies crown the statue of Mary - nice tradition for Mother's Day weekend.
I will plant the daisies in the garden next week as I don't have a lot of places to hang plants, so hopefully the garden dirt will keep them going all summer - they are called Argyranthemum Frutescens - there is a website on the ticket -
On Monday, our hort club members are going to a garden centre - called Country Depot - on John Counter Blvd. in Kingston - should be fun!
I gave away 2 of my geraniums today - one was an Apple Blossom Exotic. My friend will enjoy them, I'm sure.
ENJOYMENT: Garden Centres


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