Wednesday, March 09, 2005


My greenhouse is very frosty today as it was -17Deg. Celsius this AM-warmed up to -7Deg.Celsius but the wind chill was -17. Brrrr! I walked halfway to the nursing home where I volunteer on Wed. PM's (doing manicures) and luckily got a ride the rest of the way with Norma, my volunteer partner. I was so glad, as I'm sure I would have been a popsicle by the time I arrived at the home...the one day that my husband went out of town and it was too cold to ride my bike.
I didn't get to spend time potting or seed planting today but I found my lost calendula seeds (organically grown) that I bought from the Heirloom Seed Sanctuary (1200 Princess St., Kingston, ON K7L 4W4
1-613-544-4525) last year, when the Heirloom couple spoke at our Horti meeting. Calendulas are one of my favourites - I haven't had them in a few years so plan to grow plenty this summer. I would love to make Calendula cream - it is very good for your skin. Does anyone have a recipe?
LAWN TIP (Even though ours is buried in icey snow): Did you know that Corn Gluten Meal - a lawn fertilizer - stops weed from growing - 25% in the first year - and - 50% in the second year. We haven't tried it yet but the percentages sound good.


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