Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Crazy weather week!

This week has the craziest weather here - on Monday, Valentine's Day, we had freezing rain, then late in the day, just rain, and freezing rain late in the evening. A good day to stay inside! Tuesday was lovely and sunny and today, we had snow and milder weather. Only in Canada, you say!
Not much excitement in my greenhouse this week - I took two large ferns to the church on Sunday. I take them back and forth from the greenhouse to the altar as they seem to struggle with life in the church. Anyhow, I really need the room for other plants so hope they do well. During Lent, there are more activities going on at church and it is a little warmer there than usual which will be good for them. I was always a little afraid of ferns but these plants are amazing. In the greenhouse, they get very few brown leaves and they just grow into these large giant leafy plants. They shoot out babies through the holes in the bottoms of the pots and I start new plants from these tiny fronds. These ferns were at the Eucharistic Congress in Hamilton a number of years ago and I have started them over a few times, but they are real survivors.
The geraniums are blossoming constantly - I love them. My yellow kalanchoe has big clusters of flowers now.
The shamrocks are doing nothing-but gardening does teach patience so I will wait and see. There hasn't been a lot of sun this week so I am not watering as much.
Our horti meeting was cancelled this week due to the weather on Monday. Our speaker who was coming from Cornwall started for Kingston, and turned around as it was so slippery on the 401. She was going to speak on Bonsai, which I do not have a clue about. To me, a Bonsai is a reverse plant. Instead of making it grow, you stunt it's growth, but they do look cute in those little dishes with stones in them and you never know, some day, I might try one. I don't have an orchid either, but someday, I will splurge and buy one. They are so fascinating also. When we were thinking about getting our greenhouse, we used to drive by a greenhouse in Kingston, that was full of orchids. It was amazing to see.
Enjoyment: Seeing seeds and garden stuff in the stores!


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