Friday, February 11, 2005

Winter came back!

Winter came back and I wish it would go as away as quickly as this past week did-I didn't get to spend a lot of time in my greenhouse this week -I was busy with my volunteer work and actually did some housework and grocery shopping. I repotted my swedish ivy - I hope it survives. I kept a lot of cuttings but the leaves are yellow-green - not healthy looking at all. I didn't take the plants to my daughter's office either as it was just too cold. Hopefully, next week they will take a trip into the city. They are doing extremely well and I gave them some fertilizer today so they should be okay while adjusting to their new home. My shamrocks are still dormant - my Harry begonias are doing okay - I am too anxious for them to grow. The geraniums are the best. My red geranium that I first bought at White Rose in 1993, thinks it is a rose - the flowers are so gorgeous - they do look like tiny clusters of roses. Maybe it knows that Valentine's day is just around the corner and it is my gift from the greenhouse. The church poinsettias are losing leaves and petals like crazy but I know there are beautiful green leaves to come out on the bare stems.
Enjoyment - the sun shone all day today and a little bit of yesterday's snow melted and I took a long walk this morning in the beautiful fresh air. Days are getting longer!


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