Sunday, February 20, 2005

Another sunny Sunday!

Today is - 10 celcius in Amherstview but beautifully sunny. In checking my plants today, I noticed I have been a little invaded with some bugs... they come alive in February, it seems. Out came the spray bottle again-I will have to be more diligent and observant. I am very happy to report that the shamrocks are finally growing nicely-not all of them, but at least three are sprouting leaves. My friend, Mr. Finn, who has grown shamrocks forever, told me to sock it to them with fertilizer and they will be huge for March 17th. Advice from an Irishman who grows shamrocks must definitely be heeded. So, must find the jar of Miracle Grow again. The Church poinsettias are very pathetic and really testing my patience, so I might have to put them where I can't see them and forget about them for now.
This winter I have kept four African violets in the greenhouse - usually, I keep them in the house as the leaves get all spotty from the water drippings in there, but these are sitting at the back of a shelf and they are doing amazingly is starting to form buds now.
Enjoyment! Knowing February is nearly ended!


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