Thursday, February 24, 2005

Neat and Tidy!!

This morning my hubby and I loaded up the car with trays of the plants and drove to my daughter's work place - it was -15deg. C. and chilly but nice and sunny. Peggy met us there and with the help of two friends, we lugged them upstairs into a beautiful conference room - new decorated - lovely shade of sage on the walls - huge windows - wide trim painted white - nice new furniture! There were five big windows and it didn't take us long to situate the plants and they look much better there than in the greenhouse. I'm sure they will be happy there and the girls were certainly pleased with them.
After a busy a.m. of shopping for household items and groceries, we went home - I had a nap - then started tidying the greenhouse - it looks so neat now, I can't believe it is mine. I repotted some plants and hung them where the spiders were. My friend and her mum in law are coming to visit tomorrow so I wanted everything to look great. I have a huge aloe that is falling out of the pot and it has had a lot of babies as well. I like the look of the babies with the mom hovering over them, but I will have to prop it with something. I moved a lot of plants around - some were getting too much sun - the bugs seem to be under control now - my trusty spray bottle is helping.
Now that I have room, I can start some geranium cuttings!!
Enjoyment: Being neat and tidy once in a while!
HINT: The best plant markers are recycled vinyl window blinds - cut in 6" pieces - they are easy to write on with a waterproof marker. They are great for your garden markers also, and the price is the best. People love to give them to you at garage sales.


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