Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Creating some greenhouse space!

Hooray! Tomorrow I will have more space in my greenhouse as 2 spider plants, 3 asparagus ferns, a teddy bear plant, and an aloe are going to our daughter's office. These big plants will not be missed and I hope the folks at her work enjoy them. I watered them, cleaned all the crunchy leaves off them and wrapped and boxed them. Now - I will have to reorganize lots of plants - it was very warm out there today - 26degrees C. or 78degrees F.
Easy to take when it is -2degrees C. outdoors - the plants are loving the sun today.
Speaking of the teddy bear plant - I am unsure if that is the real name. It is an ivy type with green leaves with burgundy undertones - now it is blooming with tiny pink and white flowerettes. I must check it out - it kind of reminds of a purple heart plant.
I am still battling whitefly - on my sweet potato vine plants - today, I misted them in the bathtub with warm shower water. I hate whitefly!
Enjoyment: Making space in my greenhouse - even though temporarily!!


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