Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Shamrocks and other info!

Today all the pots of shamrock transplants are growing baby leaves - all 7 pots - they should be great for March 17th - also the 2 new kalanchoes are thriving also. The painted leaf begonias are not looking great but I will ignore them for a while to see what happens.
I did more geranium cuttings and separated one red geranium into 3 pots. I cut the cutting at an angle and let the end dry for a few hours or overnight - then plant in damp potting soil. I don't cover the pot with a plastic bag - I just let nature do her thing and try not to water them too much - if I overwater, I always get root rot - not a good thing.
I found out that the Teddy Bear Plant should be called the Teddy Bear Vine or Cyanotis Kewensis - and - what I thought was a Streptocarpella plant (so says the nursery where I purchased it) is actually called Strepto Saxorum or False African Violet. I would love more info on this plant that blooms continuously. The leaves look like succulent leaves and the plant doesn't require a lot of water. I also found out from a web site that I own a little Brown Spiderwort Plant (aka Bears Ears or Siderasis)-I will look for more info on that one!
We had snow the past 2 days but it was clear and sunny and -5deg. C. today.
I shovelled snow this a.m. and walked this p.m. -trying to fill my lungs with as much fresh air as they can take!


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