Saturday, April 16, 2005

Jungle greenhouse!

My greenhouse is turning into a jungle - the plants are growing like mad - it is wonderful, but I am running out of space these days. We have had lovely spring weather lately, and yesterday, we raked our front lawn - and I trimmed back a small flower bed at the back. My chives are popping, tulips are through, garlic that I planted last spring and died on me (so I thought) is growing, and all sorts of perennials are facing the sun. We sat out on our patio yesterday PM - it felt so good to leave winter behind.
We visited our Goddaughter and family in Oakville last weekend and I have a new plant from them - a Kalanchoe - with peachy and yellow flowers - it is lovely!
My African violets are starting to bloom - they are in the living room as the moisture in the greenhouse spots the leaves and the sun will burn them as well - I have four plants in a basket near front window.


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