Thursday, April 07, 2005

Where Have I Been?

I am asking myself the same question-I have been other places than my greenhouse -and when I have been there, I haven't had time to BLOG after. All is well in the greenhouse-no new seedlings have been started. I was busy at church the week before Easter and the time has flown by since. I didn't get to use the poinsettia plants at the church at Easter - they were all still looking very red - and the one that I trimmed back to green leaves still looked poinsettia-ish. A couple of days ago, I discarded all the saved poinsettias, except for 3 red and my beautiful pink one, which is still gorgeous. I have the large, large ferns from church there also. The shamrocks are doing well, no blooms to date, but lots of leaves on the plants.
I received a gift certificate for Easter for Rona - so I bought Miracle Grow and potting soil. No excuses for NOT growing now.
I counted my geraniums - I now have 24 - all doing well.
I am still fighting bugs with my trusty spray bottle - whitefly - especially on my sweet potato vines. I HATE WHITEFLY!!
I will insert some photos soon.
ENJOYMENT:: Milder weather!!


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