Thursday, March 17, 2005

Seed Popups

Today, St. Patrick's Day, I have seed popups - marigolds and shasta daisies - plus - the shamrocks are doing well - finally! I have only had time this week to water and pick crunchy leaves off plants - I am having company this weekend so next week will be greenhouse week and BLOG week. This is absolutely nothing to do with gardening but I have been painting and cleaning the bathroom - doing something in there every day!
Spring Cleaning!
Yesterday, my husband and I purchased 24 gorgeous Easter lilies for our church. They are presently in the basement of the church and will appear on the altar on Holy Saturday - March 26th. I can't wait. Next week , we will shop for extra flowers for decorating. We bought the lilies at Rona - they were unpacking them in their garden centre and they are tall and just starting to bloom. They are in orangey-gold wrappers - very bright and sunny looking. Rona in Kingston has a wonderful and well looked after plant section.
Enjoyment: I went to my Horti meeting last Tues. night and we had great speakers from Lemoines Point - they are making a Native plant garden there - they have raised beds and an irrigation system ready and lots of plants in the ground already. I will BLOG some info on it later.
The weather is warming a little - but we did have some fluffy snow today.


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