Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Gardening 2005

I have actually been gardening this week - on Monday, I dug up my front flower bed - it was pretty packed down by winter-I dug and hoed and took all the rocks out of it (20+ mostly round rocks). Winter killed my Coral Bells and Silver Mound, so I dug up the remnants of them. After putting all the rocks in place, I planted my 6 yellow pansy plants and also my marigolds. Because we have a family of Mourning Doves in our Blue Spruce, I collared all the marigolds with 6" bottomless green flower pots. For some reason, the doves will peck off the new plants and instead of picking them up for nesting material, they just leave them lying there, and after babying these seedlings for 2 months, I get slightly upset. I love the doves and don't mind sharing with them - but - I have limits. My front flower bed looks great now.
This evening, I started to dig up my herb garden - behind the greenhouse - I potted some baby chives for our Hort Sale (May 28), and cleaned up the Greek Oregano, which is starting to pop up nicely.
All of a sudden the sky darkened and the air chilled and my neighbour came over to visit, so I packed in the digging. It has been beautiful weather for the past 5 days but tonight will drop from 19 deg. C. to 3 deg. C. -
Went to my Hort meeting Monday PM - held at Country Depot Store and Garden Centre - Linda McPhea - a horticulturist spoke on new garden plants, annual and perennial, and showed us new garden hanging baskets and garden ornaments - it was great - we got 10% disc. off anything we bought after her talk. I bought 2 Lemon Yellow Strawflower plants - hope they do well in my garden as they are one of my favorites.
The greenhouse plants are growing and blooming like crazy - they love the heat!!
SADNESS: My silver mounds that I lost were at least 20 years old - my neighbour gave them to me and I cannot believe that I do not have them anymore.


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