Monday, June 13, 2005

In the garden!

I am enjoying my garden -all my seeds have popped and are growing -we have had a few little showers and lots of heat -our water ban has not been lifted to date and I don't know if the township has found the leaky pipes yet. Yesterday, my neighbour gave me some morning glory seedlings that appeared in her flower bed. I have never had this flower before and I transplanted them to grow up one side of my arbor. I have sweet peas planted on the other side. I think I will have a lot of love-lies-bleeding again this year. The mixed annual seed packet from Butchart Gardens is mostly that plant. My sunflowers are sprouted and the squirrels haven't discovered them so hopefully they will grow tall and beautiful. My brother and his wife are coming to Ontario from Alberta in July and I want my garden to be beautiful for them.
Tonight is the Flower Show at my Horti Club - I am entering my peonies, a columbine branch, some pansies and probably an arrangement in a pitcher-and of course, a houseplant, from the greenhouse.
The greenhouse is thriving in the heat - I have to water heavily these days - temperature has been reaching 35deg. C. in there the past few days - I have been transplanting and repotting a lot of plants. I still have geraniums to move outdoors.


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