Tuesday, June 14, 2005

June Flower Show 2005

I picked through the garden and my greenhouse for some Flower Show entries for the Horti Club meeting. Things are just starting to grow and some perennials are not doing well due to the heat and lack of moisture-but-I received a 1st ribbon for a Begonia houseplant (shown in one of my Blogs previously) and a Columbine (it was growing on the edge of the lawn near the fence and my husband actually weed wacked it earlier but it grew back and became a beautiful winner). I received 2nd ribbons for a pale pink geranium, yellow pansies, a Jade plant and a flower arrangement called Light and Shadow. 3rd ribbons were given to a branch of Bleeding Heart, peony (which won 1st last year-I still call them my 1st prize peonies) and an arrangement called Perfect Pitcher. I won ribbons for all my entries-I don't understand why more members don't enter-it is a lot of fun-the hardest part is finding containers to put everything in as I like to make a good presentation. There were fabulous peonies and 2 orchids, not a lot of roses, and no African violets-the irises were beautiful as well.
It is a little cooler this a.m. -20deg. C. -and we had rain around 10:00p.m. last night so the garden is damp but it is still muggy and hazy. Last night, driving home, I couldn't see Lake Ontario -it was a big smog.
Enjoyment: Flower Shows


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