Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Hot July Gardening

Gardening this month is getting more difficult due to the heat wave we are having-temp. runs from 30-40 deg. C. every day. We have had some thunderstorms and great rains, so I haven't had to water the garden recently and it is growing and very lush - I have a little frog in my garden -how cute is that - he has surprised me twice this week. I was sitting on the patio tonight looking at the flowerbed at the end of the patio and there are petunias that reseeded themselves from last year, lamb's ears, poppy heads and dill - all bunched together and looking very hodge podge. I can never keep my gardens looking neat and tidy as I don't have the heart to pull out stuff that just appears.
Oh yes, my greenhouse! Last week, I did some cleaning and repotting - I now have 14 new aloe plants - how does this happen? I also did some geranium cuttings and all the new plants are doing well. I have been diligent in watering and that helps a lot. The greenhouse is getting full again.
Back to the garden - I picked most of my pink yarrow to decorate the church last weekend. It fell over on top of my carrots and garlic so I made 2 gorgeous bouquets. This week I hope to use some Cleome that magically appeared among my veggies and I really don't want it growing there. I like Cleome but it has lots of prickles on it and I hate getting stabbed by a flower. I picked a lot of poppy heads and have them drying in the garage.
I still have more to pick and every time I visit the IGA I get a brown paper bag to put over the heads so the seeds don't make a big mess when they are dry. I should have lots of dried flower arrangements this fall.
ENJOYMENT: Watching my garden grow every day!


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