Thursday, January 12, 2006

I worked in my garden on January 12th

Today was another spring like day - unreal weather for January 12th - it definitely is a Happy New Year for me when I can spread some dirt around my garden (I dumped some containers of old potting soil into my garden and raked it around with a stick today-it was sunny and I was outside in my clogs - no jacket or mitts-how fun is that?
I worked in my greenhouse this PM - most of the sick looking swedish ivy plant is in the composter - the leaves on the plant are this pale yellow green colour with red veins showing through - not very pretty looking. I have lots of cuttings rooting in vases and I also planted some cuttings directly into pots of soil.
My priest from my church gave me his plants to repot and bring back to life in the greenhouse for awhile-he has a spider plant that his mother gave to him and is precious to him-it really needs lots of TLC-so I repotted it into new Super Soil and it is hanging in the greenhouse-looking a little forlorn, but I am pretty sure it will revive. I will tackle my False African Violet plant next and take some cuttings from it as it is droopy and not looking too well. I find that planting cuttings from this plant into pots of soil works well. It looks as if I will have lots of plants for my Horti Club plant sale in May this year.
It was so nice in the greenhouse today - I got my Vitamin D in a large dose.
Tomorrow is computer class day so I will blog again on the weekend.
Enjoy the weather!!


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