Monday, November 03, 2008

The Bazaar is over-fini-ended!

My church bazaar is over for another year and even though I love plants and potting and watering, etc., etc., this year was just too busy for me....I had so many plants in the greenhouse for the plant table that we couldn't walk thru the room without sidestepping pots and hitting our head on hanging foliage...we took 4 carloads to the church hall on Friday and brought one and a half carloads home...I threw out 50 plants on Sunday as I didn't need or want them....we emptied the pots, shook off the soil and the plants will be going to Lappans Lane for composting this week....I felt bad but some of the donated plants were not in great shape...why do people pot house plants in garden soil?? YUK!!!
Now my greenhouse looks neater....the plants have space to spread out and we can walk through....being in the greenhouse now is quite pleasant.
I think this year will be the last year I will offer to do the plant table....too much work for me now.....grumble, grumble, grumbly me....


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