Sunday, January 22, 2006

A "Potting" Week!

This week I did a lot of potting of plants in my greenhouse and managed to play in a lot of dirt-I keep my potting soil (Super Soil from Loblaws-the best plant soil) in a huge garbage can and when potting, I always use the lid to put the empty pots on-then scoop the dirt into the pots along with the plant or cutting and it saves a big mess on my tables. The tables are slatted - two shelf units - and the spilled dirt will hit the plants on the bottom shelf if I don't use the lid as a catch-all. Does that info make sense??
I received donated plants from a friend and they were in desperate need of new dirt - now there are 5 baby African violets - white flowers - some ivies and a Peace Lily. I also potted a number of rooted cuttings of various plants in the greenhouse, so the shelves are filling up again and the sun and warmer weather is making them grow. I have lots of flowers - geraniums, begonias, cyclamen, poinsettias, the jade is flowering and the Christmas cactii - lovely pink blooms.
On Sat. AM, it poured rain early in the day - rain turned to a snowstorm - then the sun arrived and the snow melted. We had all the weather types within hours......crazy!! This January is a strange month. I am trying to group my plants together - begonias in a row - geraniums lined up on the window shelves-I have a flat of new cuttings - easier to watch and water. My priest's plants are all together in a grouping. I'm sure the tidiness won't last long but it looks good for now.
Hope luck holds with me and all the new baby plants grow so I can take them to my Horti Club Plant Sale in May.
OH YES - I washed out a lot of pots that friends donated to me!
Next greenhouse project- repotting the giant aloe vera - she fell over and broke a lot of bottom leaves and needs a new pot and dirt.


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