Friday, April 07, 2006

One week till Easter!

It is one week till Easter and we are quite busy helping to ready our Church for Easter-of course, there have been no flowers or greenery in the Church since Ash Wednesday, March 1st, but I have sewed purple cloths and banners for altar and lectern. This weekend is Palm Sunday, so we have palm at the front of the church in vases and spread in front of the the entrance to the church, there will be baskets of palm for parishioners to take home. In the basement parish hall, 24 lilies are starting to bloom. We bought them yesterday at Home Depot- they will be used in the church at Easter along with more flowers-probably, hydrangeas and mum....we will see.
In my greenhouse, there are tomato sprouts, statice and cosmos, and summer savory. Hopefully, this weekend, I will plant more seeds. I have been repotting lots of plants and they are all doing extremely well.
At Easter, the two large ferns from church will be returned there, and I will have a bit more space for plants and flowers. The geranium cuttings are doing extremely well, some are blooming already. The begonias are flowering profusely and really enjoying the sunshine. This week hasn't been particularly sunny but they are still doing well.
I am having an aphid battle with a few plants now - the time of year - but have been misting them with some soapy water and they look pretty well. I have one ivy geranium - it is 3 years old - that has some mealy bug which I "hate"...I tackled it with alcohol and the QTip and hope the bug is gone.
I have been so busy of late, I have neglected to BLOG - will try to improve as the sprouts peek through.
ENJOYMENT: All the spring flowers in the stores-they are heavenly!!


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