Sunday, May 14, 2006

Getting ready for the plant sale

My horti club moved their spring plant sale date up one week - halleujah!! I can get all those baby houseplants out of the greenhouse and clean it up a little bit.
I have also dug up some herbs and a few perennials from the garden - potted them and they will also be for sale.
I have been filling flat strawberry and fruit boxes from No Frills with lots of houseplants and geraniums. We will need to borrow a truck to transport it to the sale. Luckily, they are having a drop off on Friday evening before the sale.
I received a beautiful lily plant for Mother's Day - it is a deep deep red colour - I don't have any lilies so this will be a challenge to keep it alive- I hope it doesn't spread - I have downsized my garden BIG TIME - so I had to dig up quite a few plants to make room for it. Luckily, I can give them to the plant sale as I hate throwing them in the composter.
What did I do on Mother's Day? This morning I transplanted some tomato plants - went to church for the Crowning of Mary - did some sewing - picked some rhubarb for the first time and made a dessert for supper.
My friend lent me Nanny McPhee so I might watch it tonight or tomorrow - the joys of being retired, eh?
Next week, I hope to plant my garden - if it doesn't rain.


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