Friday, May 05, 2006

Rotilling day!!

This PM, my husband rototilled the garden patch - now - I can start planting bit by bit - so hope this weather continues. My greenhouse is overflowing and it is telling me to move stuff out. I actually dug up some herbs and perennials a couple of days ago from the garden- for the Horti plant sale - end of month.
I have to talk about this cactus that my friend, Bill, gave me about 3 years ago....Bill said his mother originally had the plant... and Bill is in his 70' this could be a heritage plant, perhaps. Bill told me the cactus will produce lovely red is producing and the flowers are all over the plant and definitely red.
I think it is called an Orchid Cactus. Hope to have some photos soon....if my old camera worked ok.
The geraniums are blooming overtime also....have to buy some large bags of potting soil so I can pot them in my huge clay pots for the patio.
Will try to write more from now on ---hard to keep up with all the greenhouse/garden happenings. Hope to hit the garden centres soon as well.
Enjoyment: Planning the garden!!


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