Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Fall is here

Summer is over and my garden is looking as the past 2 weeks, we have had a ton of rain and wind and I had to cut down the dahliahs (tubers will be dug up if the ground dries a little)-chopped down the morning glories-dug up all the carrots-pulled out the green peppers and have started a fall cleanup. I feel sad as some things are doing so well. We have been eating the beans that I planted end of July-the daikon radishes are small so far - we ate one - swiss chard and celery and tomatoes are thriving. I have been picking a lot of herbs to dry. My greenhouse is a jungle at present. I have brought in from outdoors lots of geraniums and plants to winter. I also have lots of cuttings in vases of water-coleus-pineapple sage-some ivies-and I bought 6 bags of potting soil on sale at IGA -they were having a clearance. I will need it to pot up the cuttings and geraniums.
Today was such a beautiful day that I actually cleaned my living room window-some spiders are now looking for new winter homes.
Now you know why blogging has been neglected.


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